The NCSA Advocacy Committee is asking you to ask your neighborhood council (NC) to file a community impact statement (CIS) in support of Councilmember Koretz’s motion to limit vehicle idling.

Given our worsening air quality and its public health ramifications, in addition to the climate crisis, we see this as an opportunity to limit harmful emissions while raising drivers’ awareness about their contributions to the dangers and how they can help.

Eight states and many cities have already implemented limits to car idling. It is less polluting and more fuel-efficient to turn off a modern, fuel-injected vehicle than to let it idle for more than 10 seconds. With the increased use of cell phones, however, the problem of distracted idling seems to be getting worse, not better. And with the rapid expansion of ride-hailing and delivery services, parked vehicles are often left running. The Advocacy Committee hopes that through this effort, we can help to increase awareness among drivers.

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