Click on the links below to find ideas for sustainability projects for your NC's Sustainability or Green Committee, and scroll down for other resources.  


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Los Angeles City Government Resources

Useful pages about how the city works, for everyone from busy residents to activists and policy wonks:


NCSA Green Teams Forum - Resources (March 12, 2016)

Thank you to our forum speakers and partner organizations:

Speakers: Rafael Chagoya (Boyle Heights NC); Andy Shrader, City Council District 5; Green Teams Panel: Sherri Akers (Mar Vista), Lisa Cahan Davis (Studio City), Charles Miller (Palms), Josh Pagat (Mid-City West)

Participating organizations: Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife, Global Green / Energy Upgrade California, Environment California, Food & Water Watch, and #OurParks.


Project ideas for NC Green Teams: See above.  

DWP reform:

DWP reform: Summary of Mayor-Fuentes-Controller comments on DWP reform, prepared for 03.12.16 NCSA Forum

And please visit our Advocacy page for related opportunities.


NCSA Climate Action Forum - Resources: (December 5, 2015)

The Framework for Regional Climate Action and Sustainability

Sustainable City pLAn

Los Angeles Climate Action Report: Updated 1990 Baseline and 2013 Emissions Inventory Summary

Cap and Trade Funding Fact Sheet

Drilling Down: The Community Consequences of Expanded Oil Development in L.A.

Save Our Trees Flier

GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles helps eligible low-income homeowners save money on their electricity bills by installing solar electric systems at no cost

Mid City West Bicycle Friendly Street Proposal

Climate Forum Participating Organizations and Resources Handout