The Transportation Committee seeks to reduce greenhouse gases and pollution originating from the transportation sector in a way that reflects principles of environmental justice. To us, that means protected bike lanes, a robust public transit system, increased access to electric vehicles (especially in communities of color), carpooling, and telecommuting, and reduced pollution and emissions from commercial vehicles.

Below are some of our efforts:

ADAPT motion
The City has taken advantage of the recent reduction in street traffic to do much-needed repaving. Unfortunately, the striping has not always conformed to the Mobility Plan 2035, which means we could be locked into a lack of bus and bike lanes for decades if we don’t act quickly. The Transportation Committee supports Streets for All’s push to make sure this hard-won plan is honored.

You can learn more and find a draft motion for your NC at
Let our leaders know that you would like the City to restripe in accordance with Mobility Plan 2035.

Slow Streets
With the need to physically distance these days, it can be really helpful to have more space to move around on our streets! In response to the crisis, cities across the world and in the U.S. have made their streets friendlier to pedestrians, cyclists, and others; and LA, with some nudging from Streets for All and with help from the NCSA and NCs, has followed suit. Your neighborhood can apply for the program.

Learn more at Your NC can apply at


If you want to join the committee or have ideas for how we can pursue our mission, email me!


Nancy Matson
Chair, Transportation Committee