The Transportation Committee seeks to reduce greenhouse gases and pollution originating from the transportation sector in a way that reflects principles of environmental justice. To us, that means protected or buffered bike lanes, a robust public transit system, increased access to electric vehicles (especially in communities of color, and especially for sharing), carpooling, telecommuting, and reduced emissions from commercial vehicles. With wildfires raging and extreme heat sweeping the city, the need to act quickly and decisively on these issues could not be more clear.

We typically meet the first Thursday of each month from 7 to 8:30 pm. The details are here:
    Call in: 669 900 9128
    Meeting ID: 813 4905 4038
    Passcode: 796583

If you support any of the motions below, consider submitting community impact statements (CISs) about them. If you have questions about the process, email me!

January 2021:

Happy New Year!

We are seeking sites, especially in low-income areas, for low cost or even free electric vehicle chargers and shared electric vehicles.

We are also promoting Parking Cash-Out, a law that requires 3% of employers—those who subsidize employees' parking and who have unbundled parking in office buildings they don't ownto pay employees who give up parking spaces. Learn more at target="_blank">

Please share the video I made on your local NC's social media!

October 2020:

Building housing near transit stops is key to encouraging transit use. If this process displaces rent-controlled units in favor of high-priced housing, we've only exacerbated the housing crisis. 20-0189 seeks to address this issue. (The NCSA has not taken a position on this.)

Do you like the Slow Streets in your neighborhood? You can support making them permanent via 20-0838 Don't know what they are? Read up here: NCSA has not taken a position on this.)


September 2020:

Automatic Non-Button Signal Conversion: 20-0723. Not very glamorous, yet who among us has missed touching those grimy buttons during COVID? Exactly no one. (The NCSA has not taken a position on this.)

Want to promote hybrids and EVs on the city's fleet? 19-1527 is the motion for you. (The NCSA has not taken a position on this.)


We need more incentives for post-COVID telecommuting.

If you want to join the committee or have ideas for how we can pursue our mission, email me!

Nancy Matson
Chair, Transportation Committee
[email protected]

Nancy Matson is a member of the Del Rey Green Committee, chinchilla owner, essay writer and semi-pro tournament poker player.