In June of 2019, we convened a group of planning and land-use committee members, urban planners, architects, developers, sustainability experts, etc. to discuss how neighborhood council planning and land-use committees can work with developers to encourage sustainable practices. Out of that meeting arose a working group who developed these draft sustainability guidelines for developers.

These guidelines are designed for you to use as you see fit and as is most appropriate for your neighborhood. This is a long list of items; we imagine you will focus on a smaller number. We envision this as a working document and welcome your feedback. Please contact Philip at [email protected] or Lisa at either [email protected] or 323.660.2780 with thoughts, if you would like to join our Slack channel to engage with us further, or if you would like editing or commenting access to the document.

  We know that sometimes developers make commitments or agree to provide community benefits that are not realized, partly, it seems, because developers aren't always held accountable to those agreements. So we thought a centralized location to collect and log these problems might help foster transparency and ensure that communities receive what they expect. If you are aware of any such failures, please email Philip Ganchev at [email protected].