The most current and lively council files we're working on are:


DODGER STADIUM GONDOLA (added 1/30/2024)
Our voters voted via email January 9 to support this letter (written by our transportation committee) in opposition to the proposed gondola to Dodger Stadium. Subsequently, Councilmember Hernandez introduced a motion (in Council File 24-0011-S4). You can learn more at


Our voting body voted via email December 5 to support Investing in Place's effort to help our city create a capital infrastructure plan (which other large cities have) based on nine principles that should help us build a safer, more accessible city in a more transparent, inclusive, and equitable fashion, with one additional principle to include nature-based solutions. We submitted our letter (written by our advocacy committee) to Council File 23-0919 (at the request of Investing in Place), and are in strong support of such a plan, which is long overdue.


DEMOCRACY VOUCHERS (added 6/11/2023) At our May 13 meeting, our representatives voted to sign onto Los Angeles for Democracy Vouchers' letter and support the motion in Council File 23-0359. Learn more at


SEPULVEDA BASIN (added 6/11/2023) 
At our April 16 meeting, our representatives voted to support the motion in Council File 23-0105 to ensure that the City's contract is aligned with the goals expressed in our earlier resolution. Learn more at
This item was never heard in committee.


At our January 8 meeting, our representatives voted to support the Livable Communities Initiative motion in Council File 21-1230-S2 and to join the Livable Communities Initiative coalition.
This motion had already passed, but there is more to be done (we are waiting for reports from city departments), and we wanted to be on record in support. You can see our letter here.


WILDLIFE ORDINANCE (added 11/2/2022)
At our August 14 meeting, our representatives voted to support the April 2022 draft wildlife ordinance associated with Council File 14-0518 (Koretz). And it is having trouble. Visit to learn more.


See our statement.
Many are askingwhat council file(s) should I submit a CIS to? The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment has these suggestions.


BUILDING DECARBONIZATION (2 motions!) (added 4/6/2022)
At our March 13, 2022 meeting, our NCSA representatives voted to support both of these building decarbonization motions:
(1) Building decarbonization, Council File 21-1463 (Koretz, Krekorian, and Raman), which promotes equitable building decarbonization. Check out our fact sheet (complete with sample community impact statement). 

You can see ABC 7's coverage here

2) Building decarbonization (this is for new buildings), Council File 22-0151 (Harris-Dawson, Koretz, Martinez, O'Farrell, and Raman). Check out our fact sheet and sample CIS.
This passed December 7, 2022.

Spectrum News 1 reported on it here. 

HEALTHY STREETS LA (added 3/8/2022 (ok, there isn't a motion, so there isn't a council file, so there is no CIS to submit, but we want this to be a motion! So please ask your NC to send a letter to this list of people!)
At our February 27 meeting, our NCSA representatives voted in favor of sending a letter in support of the Healthy Streets LA initiative (both a ballot measure and request that City Council pass an ordinance). Learn more at You can find the proposed ballot measure here and our proposed letter here

An LA Times journalist had this to say.

UPDATE January 12, 2023: There is now a council file with a motion that has passed, which is different from what we asked for. We are now waiting to see the draft ordinance.

UPDATE August 30, 2023: There is now a draft ordinance. Check out what Streets for All has to say about it! It looks like we're going to be voting in March 2024!


LA ZOO EXPANSION (added 11/17/2021)
At our November 14 meeting, our representatives voted to oppose both the project proposed by the LA Zoo and alternative 2 and to support alternative 1 as described in Council File 21-0828
Learn more at


City Council voted 13-0 to support this motion on December 3. Now we need to make sure we get the report!
Council File 21-1286 (Blumenfield, Bonin, Koretz, and Raman) was introduced after City Planning announced a reinterpretation of the Mulholland Scenic Parkway Specific Plan that limits the purview of the related Design Review Board.
At our November 14 meeting, our representatives voted to support the motion, which asks City Planning to report back on how their reinterpretation of the Mulholland Scenic Parkway Specific Plan will affect environmentally sensitive areas.
Learn more at


PARKING MINIMUMS (added 7/19/2021)
Council File 21-0002-S106, AB 1401 (Koretz), is in opposition to Assembly Bill (AB) 1401, which would eliminate parking-minimum requirements near transit. AB 1401 died in the California legislature, but we are told it will be reintroduced.
At our July 11 meeting, our representatives voted to oppose Councilmember Koretz's motion. 

UPDATE January 12, 2023: Assembly Bill 2097 (Friedman) went into effect January 1. You can learn more at


Council File 19-0603, City Fire District 1 Expansion (Blumenfield/Rodriguez)
The report from the Department of Building and Safety was as negative as a polite report can be, but there were many public comments in support, so PLEASE do submit a CIS!!!!
At our 6/13 meeting, our representatives voted to oppose this. 
We had reached out to Councilmember Blumenfield’s staff regarding our concerns and never heard back, but he did post this response to the criticism.

See the motion and a draft CIS from the Reseda NC, and see the NCSA's public comment.

Build with Strength is a front group for the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, according to the City's Ethics Commission (p. 18). In case you want to hear a Build with Strength lobbyist introduce himself as representing faith-based groups at the March 17, 2022 North Hills West NC meeting and how he was held accountable for that, check it out (02:33 to 02:57)! If you want to hear his fellow lobbyist introduce himself as representing social justice groups at the February 24, 2022 Woodland Hills Warner Center Impacts and Policies Committee, check this out. (The conversation starts at 0:16, the introduction is at 0:32). If you would like to know how the City's Ethics Commission held them accountable for earlier misbehavior, check this out. And a big shout-out to Jamie York of the Reseda Neighborhood Council for shining this light!

This misrepresentation is called astroturfing.


PUBLIC BANKING (added 6/17/2021)
This motion was passed, but we are just beginning!

CF 19-1235 AB 857 / California Law / Municipal Bank of Los Angeles (MBLA) / Establishment / Public Bank License (Wesson)
At our 6/13 meeting, our representatives voted to support this.

See the motion and a CIS from the Reseda NC.


LA100 (added April 13, 2021)
This passed September 1st, 2021.
Council File 21-0352 LA100 / Strategic Long Term Resource Plan / 2035 100% Carbon-Free Energy / Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (Krekorian & O'Farrell; Martinez)

See the motion and our fact sheet with a sample CIS


This passed City Council April 21; now we wait for a report.
Council File 21-0039 Capital Improvement Expenditure Plan / Infrastructure Conditions / Equity / Low-Income Communities of Color (Martinez/Price)
Instructs the City Administrative Officer as well as the Chief Legislative Analyst to prepare a plan to reform the city’s Capital Improvement Expenditure Plan. This plan should assess infrastructure conditions and need across the city, and align current and future funding across city departments to address them. It should also prioritize equity,
particularly for low-income communities of color.

See the motion and a sample CIS from the Mid City West Community Council.


The ordinance was passed by the full City Council on April 21. Happy Earth Day!
Council File 21-0064 Foodware Accessories Upon Request / Disposable Foodware Acessories / Small Business Commission / Food Service Providers / Zero-Use Trash (Koretz & Krekorian, seconded by Bonin)
Requires restaurants and other food service providers to provide all disposable foodware accessories, including but not limited to straws, utensils, condiments, and napkins, only upon the request of the customer, and to require third-party food delivery companies and other online platforms to enact an “opt-in” model for foodware accessories across all digital platforms and applications.

See the motion and a sample CIS from the Palms Neighborhood Council Green Committee. 


HEALTHY SOIL STRATEGY (added December 24, 2020)
This passed, but the work is just beginning!

Council File 20-1225 LAs Green New Deal/Healthy Soil Strategy/Urban Agriculture/Carbon Sequestration/Water Capture/Composting and Mulching Operations/Development (Koretz/Bonin)
Requires the LA Department of Sanitation to report back on grant and employment opportunities regarding composting, healthy soil, urban agriculture, and regenerative land managementdirectly mentions working with NCSA.

See the motion.


This has not moved....we'll have to find out what is up.

Council File 20-1150 Leaking Emissions/Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) (Koretz/Ryu),  asking LADWP to tell us about leaks at power plants

See the motion and our fact sheet.

UPDATE January 12, 2023: This passed in October! Now we wait for a report....


Here are two motions that will help LA move away from its investments in the fossil-fuel industry.

Both of these have passed City Council! Thank you SO much for your support. Now we are trying to get the departments to do what they were tasked with doing!!!!!!

Council File 19-1577 LACERS Investments/Climate Risk (Blumenfield/Bonin), fact sheet is here (THIS PASSED 12/2/2020, but if you have the capacity, please go ahead and chime in anywaythis is just the beginning, and it would be great to have your NC on record)

Council File 20-0492 City Insurance Policies/Fossil Fuel (Blumenfield/Bonin), fact sheet is here (City Council passed this unanimously March 3! Thank you to the following NCs: Arroyo Seco, Arts District Little Toko, Eagle Rock, East Hollywood, Greater Wilshire, Los Feliz, Northwest San Pedro, Sherman Oaks, Silver Lake, Sunland-Tujunga, Wilshire Center Koreatown.)


This unanimously passed the Transportation Committee May 4, 2021. Thank you to so many neighborhood councils that have weighed in! Now we wait and wait and wait and nag and nudge for the report.
Please chime in on Council File 19-0604 to help limit vehicle idling and improve our air quality, as many other areas in the US have already done! Visit to learn more.

UPDATE May 26, 2022Learning how the sausage is made, so to speak, is painful. We received a very weak report in February, but thought we could get funding from the State, which did not come through. So we are looking again....


Please ask your NC to weigh in!!!