On the recommendation of our advocacy committee, NCSA representatives voted to sign this resolution, already signed by many organizations.

Some background:

Melanie Winter of The River Project (and representative to the NCSA from the Studio City NC) presented a vision for the Sepulveda Basin to the advocacy committee that is aligned with the approach addressed in the letter. While there were some specific suggestions from committee members, they supported the overall vision. (You can see notes from the November 6 meeting here.)

You might recall the Sepulveda Basin being discussed in the leaked recording of Nury Martinez, Gil Cedillo, Kevin de León, and Ron Herrera.
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See a motion to address some concerns about Martinez's backroom deals introduced by Councilmember Koretz here

After our advocacy committee vote, the Board of Public Works voted to support a contract for work on the Sepulveda Basin. See a letter from the San Fernando Valley Climate Reality Project to Councilmember Raman's office here expressing concerns about that contract.

The San Fernando Valley Climate Reality Project and The River Project are working with Councilmember Raman's office to find a way to ensure that the goals expressed in the resolution are achieved.


Updated December 20, 2022