EVs—why and how
Is an electric vehicle right for me?
Help bring EV chargers to your neighborhood

Electric vehicles (EVs) are much easier on the environment than their gas-powered counterparts, and with the incentives available in California, they can be much less expensive, too!

To see a bunch of reasons why (and why not) to drive an EV, visit ncsa.la/evs_why_and_how. A big one is all the money available! Some of these programs can be tough to get through, but why leave money on the table?

There are incentives for new (including leased) and used vehicles, and several programs to help you get chargers as well. To learn more about the incentives and how you can charge your vehicle, visit ncsa.la/evs_is_one_right_for_me.

Two webpages can help you know what incentives are available to you:
• the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project Savings Calculator
Electric for All's list of incentives
(The two sites share slightly different information.) 

Visit ncsa.la/evs_why_and_how and ncsa.la/evs_is_one_right_for_me to learn more and to find out if driving one is right for you.

Do you know of a good place for a charging station, or would you like to install a public one on your property? Visit  ncsa.la/bring_ev_chargers_to_you.