Our Advocacy Committee meets monthly and has an active members-only mailing list.  If you are interested in learning more or participating, please contact the chair, Dan Kegel, at

Current Issues


The NCSA as a whole has taken a position on the following issues:

  • 100% Clean EnergyThe city is moving toward 100% clean electricity...but is it moving fast enough?
  • Oil Drilling—Hundreds of oil wells sit near residential neighborhoods. We want folks to have some breathing room!


The NCSA's Advocacy Committee recommends taking action on the following issues:

  • LAX Rental EVs—LAX is spending a billion dollars on a new rental car facility.  Let's make sure it can handle EVs!


The NCSA's Advocacy Committee is developing positions on the following issues:

  • Building DecarbonizationZero-emission homes can actually be cheaper to build and own.
  • Methane LobbyingTroubling lobbying by the fossil fuel industry is occurring in our neighborhood councils.
  • Vehicle Idling—Allowing our gas cars to idle instead of turning them off results in unnecessary pollution and greenhouse gases.


Click on the issue name for more info.

Past Issues

See our Past Issues page.

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