The LANCSA took a position in support of a ban or moratorium on new installations (by which we meant new installations and replacements!) of artificial turf at our February 2024 meeting.

Check out our handy fact sheet. And have questions about stormwater capture and run-off? Check this out.

Here is the letter we submitted to LASAN April 26 on the proposed Comprehensive Plastics Reduction Program.

It turns out that the plastics industry is heating the planet four times as much as air travel.

Have we moved beyond the era of Monsanto and chemgrass?

Here is some information about the plastic grass in our city's parks.

This is a great blogpost from Surfrider.

Here is the new council file on artificial turf and some media coverage of it.

Here is some information about artificial turf vs natural grass on athletic fields.

And more on playing fieldshere is Zero Waste Ithaca's webinar recording, The True Costs of Artificial Turf: Experts Discuss Cornell University’s New 'PFAS-Free' Project.

And here is even more on playing fields—the Government of the District of Columbia Advisory Neighborhood Commission, Cultivating Natural Grass Playing Fields: Listening to the Experts, Panelist Presentations and Community Discussion (part 3).

Lastly, email [email protected] if you want to be added to the SoCal Stop Artificial Turf Task Force email list. The task force is chaired by Terry Saucier.



Updated July 12, 2024