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  • Do you know your neighbors well enough to knock on their door and ask for the proverbial “cup of sugar”?
  • Do you wish there was more you could do to have an impact on climate change and conserve resources for the sake of your children or future generations?
  • In an emergency, would your neighbors know what to do to help you? Would you know how to help them?
  • Would you like to make your neighborhood safer and more livable?


The Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance is partnering with the Climate Emergency Mobilization Office to bring Cool Blocks to LA and to bring people together to create the neighborhoods we want to live in. 

Cool Blocks LA uses a proven neighbor-to-neighbor model that has helped thousands of people make their neighborhoods safer and healthier, prepare for disasters, save money, and lighten their environmental impact.

You can green your neighborhood, make it safer to walk in, or decide with your neighbors to do whatever is right for your area.


  • Cool Blocks LA is a free, five-month, nine-meeting, action-based program.
  • It is self-directed by a team of five to eight households on your block (defined as both sides of the street up to the corners, a cul-de-sac, or an apartment building).
  • A meeting is hosted by a different team member in his/her/their home (or via Zoom!!!) every two weeks with the support of a step-by-step guide.
  • Each 90-minute to two-hour meeting focuses on a distinct topic connected to reducing your block's carbon footprint, adopting water stewardship practices, preparing for disasters, and improving the quality of life in your neighborhood.
  • Every Cool Block Leader will receive full training, coaching, and support.
  • The time required is approximately two to three hours a week for five months. 

WE ARE LOOKING FOR COOL BLOCK LEADERS in the city of Los Angeles to engage their neighborhood blocks in this effort

This is an opportunity to build a stronger community with your neighbors, expand or capitalize on your leadership skills, and improve the quality of life in your neighborhood.

More information is at and

Want to check out a Cool Block in Palms from our pilot? Watch this video:

Ready to learn more? Attend one of our Cool Block Cafés. Visit to choose a time and sign up.

Can't attend a café, but want to sign up to be a Cool Block Leader anyway? You can do so at

Want a short (6-minute) video explaining Cool Blocks? Here it is:

Check out this list of partner and ally organizations (which does not include all the wonderful support we have had from so many neighborhood councils or the help we have received from so many City departments)!


 Questions? Please contact us: [email protected] or 323.660.2780


Updated January 14, 2022

Will you sign up?