In May, the NCSA facilitated an interactive workshop on the City’s “Save the Drop” drought action campaign, and related actions and resource needs of Neighborhood Councils. Sixty-five participants brainstormed and ranked more than 100 ideas, strategies, and resource needs.

The top-ranked suggestions and needs touched on one or more of four themes: connecting residents to resources; sharing and modeling best practices; developing and expanding on partnerships; and updating communication tools and tactics.


To support Neighborhood Councils in these four areas, the NCSA applied for and has just been awarded a modest U.S. EPA grant to develop a pilot online hub for the collaborative sharing of community water conservation resources and best practices by Neighborhood Council stakeholders. The project will run from September to December 2015. 

We seek volunteers from 10 or more Neighborhood Councils to participate. We seek NC reps who can commit at least 4 hours/month to the project, virtually and by phone, beginning in early September.  Join us at the NCSA Water Committee Meeting this weekend to find out more about the project, or sign up here

Tracy Bugh


Recycle by City | Founder