Agenda for August 25, 2018

  1. Coffee and Networking
  2. Intros:
    • Name
    • Neighborhood Council, if you're active with one
    • 5 mins: What sustainability issues is your neighborhood council working on? 
  3. Brief committee updates
  4. Intro to Climate-Smart Cities Tool
    • Trust for Public Land 
    • Video
    • Tool
      • Create a username and password
      • Explore layers
        • Administrative: LA Neighborhood Council Boundaries
        • Equity: Who's in my neighborhood? (Unemployment, Under 5, Over 64, Low Income)
        • Absorb: Impervious Surfaces
        • Cool: Tree Canopy, CalEPA Urban Heat Island Index
        • Connect: What's in my neighborhood? (Job Rich Destinations, Public Schools, Grocery Stores)
        • Green Infrastructure: Half Mile Walk from Park
        • LA Metro Active Transportation: Ridership
      • Three analytical functions:
        • Regional prioritization. (Where should I put a park?) 
          • Some parks are not well served by transit: Green Infrastructure: Parks --> LA Metro: Ridership (it may help to turn on Impervious surfaces to see ridership better)
          • Some kids don't have access to parks: Equity: Under 5 --> Green Infrastructure: Half Mile From Park --> Administrative: Vacant --> Connect--> Public Schools
        • Site evaluation (What are the impacts and benefits of having a park at a particular pre-selected location?) parcel?)
          • e.g. South Park in LA 5000 S San Pedro. Create profile report. Takes 30second to a minute.
        • Site selection. (Search for a parcel that meets your goals and criteria) 
  5. Time to play with tool
  6. Discussion of tool use
  7. Measure A: Passed Nov 2016
  8. Prop 68: Passed June 2018
    • Prop 68 funding will be rolled out through multiple grant programs over the course of the next year
    • Learn more at the Our Parks Coalition event in October! See below for details.




Prop 68 Event

Come hear updates on the LA County Stormwater Measure on November's ballot, and meet representatives from the agencies charged with implementing Proposition 68 park bond funding. 

Coffee and refreshments will be provided.

Please RSVP by October 12 to [email protected]

Wednesday, October 16, 2018
9:30 - 11:00 a.m.
Casa Italiana at St. Peter's Italian Church
1051 N. Broadway, LA, CA 90012