On May 15, our representatives voted to support Council File 22-0255, which the NCSA energy committee recommended we support. The motion proposed that the Department of Water and Power and the Port of Los Angeles submit a proposal to the Department of Energy for funding for a green hydrogen hub to power hard-to-electrify industries, with provisions for nitrogen oxides (NOx) and other emissions monitoring. 

See the motion here.

To learn more:
     Check out our fact sheet.
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     Check out what LADWP has to say on green hydrogen, and listen to the conversation at the
        May 5 City Council Energy, Climate Change, Environmental Justice, and River Committee.
     (Public comments start at 0:03:00; the conversation starts at 0:59:00.)
     Check out what the California Environmental Justice Alliance, the Sierra Club, and Food & Water Watch
        have to say about the motion. 
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     And here is our fact sheet on biofuelsan oldy but a goody!