Tree Removals

The NCSA lists ALL proposed Tree Removals from the City's Urban Forestry Division (UFD) on this page so anyone can easily see tree removal notices THROUGHOUT the City, including the corresponding Council District. Neighborhood Council board members are also being notified by the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) of proposed street tree removals in their area. If you are not receiving notices, please contact your DONE representative.



If there is no objection, permits for 1 or 2 trees may be approved and trees cut down as soon as 3 business days from the notification date.   An objection puts the removal on hold until resolved, so please act quickly.  

UFD tells us there usually is more time, so raise your objection even if 3 days have gone by.

For more than 2 trees, the Board of Public Works holds hearings to review and approve. You can be notified of hearing dates through UFD's Tree Removal Notification System. You can provide public comment, or if your NC has objected, you will be allotted more time to speak.   

Transmittal Files are posted as links on the BPW agendas, and requests for those files are not fulfilled until a few days before the hearing. Initiate any objections right away.


There are alternatives to tree removal!  Help us protect mature trees. To take action:

  • Reach out to your Neighborhood Council 
  • Send a copy of your objection to your Councilmember field deputy via email with a copy to Urban Forestry Divisionuse this format: OBJECTION TO TREE REMOVAL
  • Reach out to your neighbor or the business removing the tree(s)
  • Request alternatives to removing trees for sidewalk-tree conflict repairs, such as root pruning or meandering sidewalks
  • Hire a CEQA Attorney, particularly useful in the case of protected trees. There are four classes of protected trees in the City of Los Angeles pursuant to Ordinance No. 177404: Coast Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia), Southern California Black Walnut (Juglans californica var. californica), Western Sycamore (Platanus racemosa), and California Bay (Umbellularia californica) 
  • If you need further help, email us at: 




Received 2019 09-19 14612 Calvert St  Date palm  for driveway  Photo

Received 2019 09-18  CD 5  10502 S. Weigand Av  Pine tree for sidewalk repair to be replaced by bottle brush trees 

Received 2019 09-18  CD 11  5462 W. 76th St  Large tree for drainage  Photo

Received 2019 09-18  CD 4  2070 N. Outpost Dr.  Sidewalk replacement  Carob tree to be replaced by small tree

Received 2019 09-15  CD 8  3883 S Van Ness Av  Photo  Huge magnolia for street drainage  Photo

Received 2019 09-15  CD 8 3871 S Van Ness Av  large tree for drainage problem   Photo

Received 2019 09-10  CD14  2101 E. 4th St  Mexican fan palm for a pipe installation  Photo

Received 2019 09-04  CD 4  817 S. Longwood Ave  large tree for sidewalk repair  Photo

Received 2019 09-03 CD 3 19056 W. Schoolcraft St  large ficus for a driveway  Photo

Received 2019 09-03 CD 4  14120 W MARGATE ST large tree for sidewalk repair (does not appear severely lifted, could meander) Photo

Received 2019 09-03 CD 2  12000 W Weddington St large elm for sidewalk repair  Photo

Received 2019 09-03  CD 5 10739 Esther Ave large ficus for a driveway, but tree is not in direct line of driveway  Photo

Received 2019 09-03 CD 5 1477 Malcolm Av Photo1 Photo 2

Received 2019 08-27 CD 14  520 Mateo St   24 trees for equipment staging  Photo

Received 2019 08-27  CD 1  1000 W Temple St  13 ficus trees for equipment staging   Photo

Received 2019 08-22 CD 5  330 N Fairfax  1 Mexican fan palm for driveway (from a row)   Photo

Received 2019 08-22  CD 4  3267 Craig Dr  2 protected oak trees to grade to build house

Received 2019 08-22 CD 7  14614 W. San Fernando Mission Blvd  palm tree for a driveway  Photo 

Received 2019 08-22 CD 9  226 E. 25TH St  Very large canopy tree (one of only 2 in the area) for sidewalk repair    Photo 1   Photo 2  Photo 3

Received 2019 08-22 CD 11 267 S Beloit Ave  Large canopy tree for driveway and curb   Photo

Received 2019 08-19  CD 5  112 S La Jolla Ave   Large tree for driveway    Photo

Received 2019 08-14  CD 1    1901 W Venice Bl

Received 2019 08-13  CD 14  6417 N Figueroa  Large canopy tree for driveway    Photo

Received 2019 08-13  CD 14  5380 E Ithaca Av  For sidewalk that appears flat and undamaged     Photo

Received 2019 08-13  CD 5     800 N Orlando  For sidewalk repair rebate -- sidewalk appears flat    Photo

Received 2019 08-13  CD 4     4860 and 4922 N Hazeltine -  liquidambar trees for sidewalk repair    Photo

Trees are not only beautiful: they are the leading soldiers in the fight against climate change, air pollution, and the urban heat island effect. By safeguarding our urban forest and restoring it as much as possible, we can take a significant amount of carbon and pollution that we’ve emitted into the atmosphere back out. Imagine the possibilities! But today, hundreds of trees are permitted for removal by our city, and our urban forest is rapidly shrinking.

To ensure transparency and inform the public, the NCSA Trees Committee is making public this Tree Removal Notification System of the City’s proposed tree removals. We hope that this report will capture attention, motivate action, and contribute to a successful conversation on climate and our urban forest.

Notices for January 1, 2018 - August 12, 2019 are listed by Neighborhood Council name at the links below


  1. Arleta
  2. Arroyo Seco
  3. Atwater Village
  4. Bel Air-Beverly Crest
  5. Boyle Heights
  6. Brentwood
  8. Canoga Park
  9. Central Alameda
  10. Central Hollywood
  11. Central San Pedro
  12. Chatsworth
  13. Coastal San Pedro
  14. Del Rey
  15. Downtown Los Angeles
  16. Eagle Rock
  17. East Hollywood
  18. Echo Park
  19. Elysian Valley Riverside
  20. Empowerment Congress Central
  21. Empowerment Congress North
  22. Empowerment Congress Southeast
  23. Empowerment Congress Southwest
  24. Empowerment Congress West
  25. Encino
  26. Foothill Trails District
  27. Glassell Park
  28. Granada Hills North
  29. Granada Hills South
  30. Greater Cypress Park
  31. Greater Toluca Lake
  32. Greater Valley Glen
  33. Greater Wilshire
  34. Harbor City
  35. Harbor Gateway North
  36. Harbor Gateway South
  37. Hermon
  38. Historic Cultural
  39. Historic Highland Park
  40. Hollywood Hills West
  41. Hollywood Studio District
  42. Hollywood United
  43. LA-32
  44. Lake Balboa
  45. Lincoln Heights
  46. Los Feliz
  47. MacArthur Park
  48. Mar Vista
  49. Mid City
  50. Mid City West
  51. Mission Hills
  52. NoHo
  53. North Hills East
  54. North Hills West
  55. North Hollywood North East
  56. North Hollywood West
  57. Northridge East
  58. Northridge South
  59. Northridge West
  60. Northwest San Pedro
  61. Olympic Park
  62. Pacific Palisades
  63. Pacoima
  64. Palms
  65. Panorama City
  66. Park Mesa Heights
  67. P.I.C.O.
  68. Pico Union
  69. Porter Ranch
  70. Rampart Village
  71. Reseda
  72. Sherman Oaks
  73. Silver Lake
  74. South Central
  75. South Robertson
  76. Studio City
  77. Sun Valley Area
  78. Sunland-Tujunga
  79. Sylmar
  80. Tarzana
  81. United Neighborhoods
  82. Valley Village
  83. Van Nuys
  84. Venice
  85. Voices of 90037
  86. Watts
  87. West Adams
  88. Westchester/Playa
  89. West Hills
  90. West Los Angeles
  91. Westlake North
  92. Westlake South
  93. Westside
  94. Westwood
  95. Wilmington
  96. Wilshire Center Koreatown
  97. Winnetka
  98. Woodland Hills Warner Center
  99. Zapata-King

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    Good work! I am sending it to my Facebook places, liberated from it’s ensconcement in the EmpowerLA newsletter where it gets a little buried. I’ll announce at the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council and the Green Commitee too. You should be proud!